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Dairy Farmers of Britain Job Vacancies 2020

Yes, Dairy Farmers of Britain is now hiring. They do seem to have several position. Here are 8 positions available right not in Dairy Farmers of Britain. Have a look!

Dairy Farmers of Britain Job Vacancies 2020
Dairy Farmers of Britain Job Vacancies 2020
  1. Researchers

The knowledge you get in the department of agro technology can lead you to become a researcher. This profession is perfect for you who are a hobby of doing research or research. The salary of a researcher is also high, starting from 6000 to 10,000 GBP

  1. Trainer

There is no harm in being a lecturer or academician. This profession will be very suitable for you who want to pass on knowledge to others. An academic salary can start from 5000 GBP and continue to increase according to experience and achievement.

  1. Agricultural Consultant

You can be an agricultural consultant in charge of giving advice in the agricultural industry sector. You can start from a small scale and then be upgraded to the large-scale agricultural industry sector. The salary that you can get from this profession is 5000 GBP for the beginner class.

  1. Work in the Industrial Sector

You can jump directly into the agricultural industry by relying on knowledge gained from college. Moreover, the agricultural industry in UK is very crowded. Those engaged in this field can get a salary of 5000 GBP or greater depending on position and experience.

Dairy Farmers of Britain Job Vacancies 2020
Dairy Farmers of Britain Job Vacancies 2020
  1. Working with the Government

Agro technology graduates can work with the government. For example, becoming a national fertilizer and pesticide manager, a survey coordinating body, central government research and development, and so on. The salary also varies depending on position and conditions, may start from 5000 GBP.

  1. Sales Division

Who says agro technology graduates can’t do business? This is precisely the opportunity for you to start your own business with the knowledge you have gained. You can do various kinds of products related to the field of agro technology and get unlimited income.

  1. Plantation Managers

One of the opportunities or prospects for agro technology work is to become a plantation manager. Plantation managers are responsible for managing a plantation that is owned by the private or government sector. Salaries obtained range from 5000 to 9000 GBP.

  1. Surveyor

Agro technology graduates also have the opportunity to become surveyors. You will do a survey regarding new land of the dairy development. A surveyor’s salary ranges from 5000 to 8000 GBP.

  1. Nutritionist

Not only will you watch the nutrition given to dairy cows, but you will also inspect the nutrition of the dairy products. This position is considered important and therefore deserves around 10,000 GBP salary per month. However, you need to take a special education minored as nutritionist before you can work in this position. But, you can always do it.

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Yogurt: A Healthier Alternative Dessert from UK

Britain is one of the largest sources of milk production in the world. Britain has adequate resources and facilities in this matter. It is not a surprise when many of its citizens work as dairy farmers. Dairy farming is seen as a job that can support them to live. Because of this, up until now there are approximately 1.8 million of dairy cows that live in 14,550 dairy farms. These cows are kept in a small group of 125 varied cows. These dairy farmers are supported by The Dairy Farmers of Britain or also known as DFoB, which is the third largest milk processor company based in the UK.


The DFoB will buy the milk directly to the farmers. For your information, not every cow can be used as the dairy cows. Most of the farmers raise the Holstein-Friesian cows, while the other farmers raise the Jersey, Ayrshire, and Guernsey cows. Dairy cow milk yield produced by the dairy farmers in the UK is increased statically in the last 40 years. This is caused by a well-maintained intensification of herd management and selective breeding done by the farmers.

Yogurt: A Healthier Alternative Dessert from UK
Yogurt: A Healthier Alternative Dessert from UK

The company or the farmers will make a really good and beneficial use of the milk produced by the cows. Before being processed into product dairy, the milk produced by cows will go through a homogenization process which aims to break down the fat contained in milk so that it is mixed and not separated.

In addition, milk also undergoes a standardization process so that any type of milk, skim, semi-skimmed, and skimmed milk contains the right amount of fat in it.

Yogurt: A Healthier Alternative Dessert from UK
Yogurt: A Healthier Alternative Dessert from UK


There is also Ultra Heat Temperature (UHT) milk which undergoes a heating process above the pasteurization level. This milk undergoes these processes so that it still contains a variety of nutrients even though it will later be produced into a dairy product. Some dairy products were made in order to get another profit from their kiu kiu online work.

They will do something to the milk like fermenting it with very specific but harmless types of bacteria. This process will result in yogurt. The UK is also known as a country that really loves the dairy products, especially yogurt. A lot of people love yogurt because this product has a lot of benefits for our body. If you have difficulties to digest lactose, yogurt is the best dairy product to consume because the lactose which is contained in the yogurt has been broken by those harmless bacteria used when making the yogurt.