Meet Christopher Thompson, one of members of Britain Dairy Farmers who focus on ice cream product.

The man who is familiarly called Chris and his friends then convinced the rancher not to do the practice again. However, the reputation of milk quality from Stockholm has already been damaged so that the price of milk does not necessarily increase. Chris and his friends were looking for another way out for farmers, until finally the idea of ​​processing milk into ice cream emerged.

How Britain Dairy Farmers Made Their Local Ice Cream Sold Globally
How Britain Dairy Farmers Made Their Local Ice Cream Sold Globally

Chris started the ice cream business with four friends, including Margaret Jones who is now his wife. At the beginning of the business, they sell ice cream in local store.

Over time, challenges arose again because three Chris colleagues chose to resign from their ice cream business. Chris and Yuki agreed to continue the ice cream business which at that time they called Britain Ice Cream. They both use personal savings as initial capital.

Change in business model

Chris’s business is increasingly known after participating in a startup competition organized by a multinational fuel oil producer. After Margaret finished her studies in 2011, they established a focus on managing the business. The business that was originally called Britain Ice Cream was changed to Dairy Farmers Ice Cream due to patent issue.

To be more developed, Chris also changed his business model. Originally, the ice cream production was sold at the stalls. However, Chris noted that sales in the stall will decrease at certain times such as during the rainy season, fasting month, and holidays. Chris began to change its sales strategy to business to business by offering its products to hotels, restaurants and caterers.

How Britain Dairy Farmers Made Their Local Ice Cream Sold Globally
How Britain Dairy Farmers Made Their Local Ice Cream Sold Globally
Britain Dairy Farmers Are Encouraged To Maintain the Quality of Their Products

After the business runs and develops, Chris does not forget his idealism to empower dairy farmers. Chris pumped the enthusiasm of the breeders by giving high prices for good quality milk according to the standard Dairy Farmers Ice Cream. In addition, Chris also imposes strict rules so that farmers continue to maintain the quality of milk.

Dairy Farmers Ice Cream ice cream also has its own production standards to maintain its quality. Fresh cow’s milk which is used as raw material is imported directly every morning and processed immediately before entering the refrigerator. Fresh milk that has not entered the cooler was chosen because it produces soft ice cream and is able to maintain the purity of milk. Before processing, milk goes through a pasteurization process to kill bacteria and slow the growth of microbes. After that the milk is frozen for several hours and then put into an ice cream processing machine.